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by fireninja

Do you read a lot and do you already have an e-reader? Then this article is not for you. Do you read a lot or do you, like us, want to read about topics such as FIRE, Financial Independence, Investing, Happiness, etc… and you don’t have an e-reader yet? Then read on.

Just in case you are not yet familiar with what an e-reader is, let us give a brief explanation. An e-reader is a device on which you can store large numbers of digital books. You can then read this with a similar experience as when reading a real book. Of course, the e-reader doesn’t smell like a real book, it looks different and you can’t really turn pages, but the e-reader has many similar features and even advantages over an old-fashioned book. Advantages include:

  • Digital books for the e-reader are often much cheaper than physical books and sometimes even free.
  • An e-reader takes up muchless space than books, especially since you can put hundreds of books on an e-reader.
  • Easier to take with you on the road or on vacation.
  • Digital books are easy to read in bright sunlight as well as in the dark (with e-readers with lighting).

To learn more about financial independence, we would like to read more. We want to do this as economically and sustainably as possible. So we bought an e-reader! Secretly mainly because of the fact that digital books are very easy and cheap (often free) to obtain and we want to spend as little money as possible. Buying a new e-reader is not cheap, but it quickly pays for itself. So spend money to make money.

Which E-reader?

The saying “Cheap is expensive” is true in many cases. We are happy to research what the best price-quality ratio is for things before we buy them. To be fair, we were previously mainly looking for the best quality. From now on price / quality. In order to determine what a good e-reader is for us, we looked at the requirements that it must meet. We like to read in the bath and before sleeping (in the dark), so preferably a waterproof e-reader with built-in lighting. After reading many reviews, we decided to buy the Kobo Libre H20. We were unsure between this and the Kindle Paperwhite. Ultimately, we chose the Kobo because it better suits the Dutch market and supports most formats. Other high-quality e-readers are the:

  • Kobo Nia: This one is a lot cheaper, but has a smaller screen (6 inches) and is not waterproof.
  • Kobo Forma: This one is a lot more expensive, but has a larger screen (8 inches).
  • Kindle Paperwhite: Cheaper than the Kobo Libre H20, but more focused on English-speaking readers.
  • Kindle: This is the cheapest of all and now has a backlight, but focuses more on English-speaking readers, has a smaller screen (6 inches) and is not waterproof.
Which books first?

Now that we have bought an e-reader, we will quickly get started with reading about financial independence. First up on the list:

  • The Simple Path to Wealth (Author: J L Collins)
  • Financial Freedom (Author: Grant Sabatier)
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Author:Robert T. Kiyosak)
  • Your Money or Your Life (Authors: Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez)

Once we finished these, we will write a short review and share it. Do you have any questions or tips? Leave a comment!

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