Our road to Financial Independence

by fireninja

The time has come, our own blog! As Mr FI/RE Ninja I would like to take you along on our journey to Financial Independence and possibly an early retirement. We really just started, so I am obviously not an expert but we will share everything we read, discover, try-out and learn.

Why we are looking into Financial Indepence?

I am clearly someone that is stuck in the “Ratrace”. Mrs FI/RE Ninja and I both have an above average income, went through University and have a nice income. Every time we started to earn more we started to spend more. We bought a bigger car, larger house, nicer and more luxurious things, etc… with no assets as result, a high mortgage, high monthly costs and limited to no room for savings. The money that we did save always found a cause in the category of items that we did not really need. The worst part is that we were not even aware got stuck in the “Ratrace”. I only became aware, when Mrs FI/RE Ninja asked me if it was possible to stop working and take care of our four kids full-time. This was quite confronting, because this was not possible. For me this was a wake-up call and the reason I started to investigate how we can change this. This is how we came across the term Financial Independence and the Abbreviation: FI/RE (Financial Independence / Retire Early).

The aim of FI/RE Ninja (this blog)

At this moment there is a lot of information available via books and internet around the topic FI/RE. Our aim is to acquire as much as possible information on this topic and form our own opinion where possible and share via this blog. In addition I would like to see if it is possible to generate some income via this blog. Via this blog I will share:

  • Knowledge that I gather related to Financial Independence
  • Information related to Saving, Investing, Income and sometimes Health
  • Our financial progress via periodic updates
  • Reviews on books related to this subject
  • Reviews on financial products and other consumer products
  • Step by step guides on how things can be done

Eventually the ultimate goal is to be financially independent and the journey towards this goal as fun as possible. Hopefully this results in a financial better future for us, our kids and you.

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