Negotiate, why not?

by fireninja

Negotiation is a great way to save money or generate extra income. You may think that in many cases this is not possible or even inappropriate. However, you can negotiate more often than you might think. Of course there are plenty of situations where negotiation doesn’t work or is not possible, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. … right? To be fair, we preferred to pay more in the past than risk being embarrassed by negotiating. Since we have been working with FIRE, we have deliberately started working on this and we are negotiating more and guess what … It works!

You can negotiate in different situations, for example when you buy / sell a house, when you are negotiating about your salary, when you want to buy something with a discount, when selling things (eg via Marktplaats) and in many more situations. In the past quarter we have done this more successfully and we would like to share some examples:

  • When purchasing a new TV
    A new TV? We know, not very FIRE … but if we value anything, it’s a good television. With 4 children in the house there is quite a bit of streaming and the previous one was more than 8 years old. We wanted to place the old TV in the nursery after our move (so somewhat of a saving). And in the end we got a discount of hundreds of euros on a great model TV. We have achieved this by taking the time and searching for, among other things tweakers pricewatch. We then emailed several web stores with the question: what is the lowest price that this model can go for? In this way we received various offers by e-mail, almost all of which were a lot lower than the price that could be found in the webshops. We found out by following this tweakers forum. We are of course very happy with our new acquisition and certainly also with the competitive price we were able to get it for.
  • During the application process of Mr FIRE Ninja
    Mr FIRE Ninja is applying as previously described. He has now gone through the various rounds and the salary has also been adjusted. Bij de salarisonderhandeling was het eerste bod niet zoals verwacht en gehoopt. Fortunately, this offer was corrected after communicating honestly about it. The second offer was a much better one and we were able to accept just fine as it was, but in order to continue negotiating we have indicated that the salary is agreed if 1,000 gross on an annual basis could be added. We would not have taken this last step in the past, but the counter offer has now been accepted so that 1k extra is a nice bonus.
  • When buying our garden furniture
    It may be very cliched, but something we wouldn’t normally do. When buying garden furniture (lounge set, cover, cushions and a dining table) we asked what he could do with the price if we would immediately purchase and get everything from him. This resulted in a discount of 10% and free home delivery including assembly. This while both items were already on sale.

In addition to these examples, we have also negotiated at Marktplaats purchases, with the contractor, the gardener and have now made this a standard part of our journey to financial independence. We know that many more elements can be negotiated and will do so in all possible areas in the coming period. Of course we will share our experiences in the future. In addition, we will delve into each category and write about it; think of negotiating during your application and negotiating for a discount.

Until then, our advice is to just give it a try, dare to ask! Do you have experiences that you would like to share or do you have suggestions for us to write about on this topic? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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