Making money with AliExpress and Marktplaats

by fireninja

One way to generate extra income is to buy stuff through AliExpress and then resell it with margin on Marktplaats. At first we thought this didn’t really work and would be a lot of work with small margins. In practice, that was not so bad! The important thing is to find products with a good margin. This sounds simpler than it is, but it can certainly be done.

An example is buying adjustable Dumbells. In this time of a pandemic, weights are in high demand, because gyms are closed and people want to exercise from home. Knowing this, we searched Marktplaats for weights that we could also find on AliExpress. Bingo! Weights are offered on Marktplaats for +/- 400 euro which can be found on AliExpress for +/- 250. It looks like the prices have dropped a bit, but still +/- 100, – euro profit per set.

The shop as pictured above is not the shop on AliExpress that we have used. This unfortunately has no more stock for the next three months. We started carefully. We first ordered and tried one set, after it turned out to be good, we bought more and now resold it. Take into account quite long delivery times and do not forget that there are risks involved. Our advice is to choose shops with several good reviews.

Will you also get started with buying products and reselling them via Marktplaats? Let us know how this goes and leave a message!

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